Saturday, January 15, 2011

Iphone 5 Stealing Verizon's Thunder

Just a news comes out at this years CES convention of Iphone 4 coming to Verizon, there are rumors circulation around the web of Iphone 5 coming out. Really? While for now these are just "rumors", savvy consumers might just want to wait around until Iphone 5 comes out later on this year. Most likely though because of the high anticipation of the Iphone on Verizon, I don't see consumers waiting.


  1. To be honest, I don't think this will be much of a gamebreaker. Maybe this is because I'm not the type to bandwagon over a phone, but I've heard far too many complaints about AT&T to switch service to them, under any circumstance.

  2. Iphone 5 this year? huh

    Would be weird, but verizon taking ihphone is good :)

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  4. Damn just got a iphone 4 and now already the 5 is comming o.O

  5. I think I will wait for the Iphone 5, current Iphone isn't even 4G.

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  6. Yea, I have an IPhone right now, the screen is cracked, however, so I need to get a new one fast. I'll probably wait to get the new IPhone5. It looks like it's gonna blow everything out of the water! Really great blog by the way... it's very interesting. I'll definitely follow. If you have any time check out my poem blog too! Chao!

  7. Hey nice post I had no idea that there would be a new version coming out later this year

  8. I'm still a loyal AT&T fan. I don't think I'll change.

  9. who can tell, theres really no saying until apples holds their conference

  10. I like the iPhone enough, but I'm sick of every single company copying Apple and designing almost the exact same phone for the North American market. I love Japanese-style clamshell phones, but there are NONE here whatsoever! You should do a feature on those!

  11. Ah interesting bro, wonder what the pricing will be like ;D

  12. I'm still using my Ipod as a budget Iphone.

  13. What?! i just got my iphone 4 and theres going to be an iphone 5 so soon? Jeez >.<

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  14. when verizon starts using the 4, i'm sure people will find a way to get the 5 and unlock it to get verizon service on it. can't be that hard.

  15. Interesting. Do you think this could be a marketing ploy by apple, or just a coincidence that hurts Verizon?

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  17. Very smart on both apple and verizons part at releasing the iphone 4 at this time. Everyone jumps on the iphone 4...then the iphone 5 comes out 5-6 months later and everyone has to buy the new ones and pay the fee to get out of their current contract. Brilliant

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  18. Dammit Apple, my iPhone 3G is almost useless now.
    Contract has just run out, gonna wait for the iPhone 5.

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  19. I'm currently happy with my Android phone on Sprint, but I wouldn't mind if the iPhone came to Sprint too!

  20. iphone 4 just came out!! didnt it?

  21. I just love that picture of the " iPhone 5" always look forward to apples new products. They can be somewhat low on specs and other such things. However there clever marketing is something to credit !