Monday, April 6, 2009

Iphone Killers

Ok so this female friend of mine hates the Iphone. She swears only males buy the iphone and if you have one you are a trend follower. Well I beg to differ on the gender issue. I see plenty of women with Iphones. I watched 30 rock and saw that Tina Fey's character had an Iphone. Even her assistant has one. While they are television characters, I've come across scores of women at my job with Iphones. As far as the trend follower statement, well it is the best phone out there. Why wouldn't you want to have the best?

She's also been obsessed with the new phone coming out from Palm, The Pre or something. While many phones have come out claiming to be Iphone killers ie the google phone, the Iphone still stands stronger than ever. Especially with the new 3.0 upgrade, no phone stands a chance. I haven't seen many reviews out there yet on this phone. I might skip over to cnet to see what they're say about the phone.

To my friend, who I hope sees this post. There are no Iphone Killers. Only imposters trying to keep up with the leader.


Saturday, April 4, 2009

First Blog

Hello World. I finally have my first blog up and running. This is all so new to me but I hope to post something interesting everyday. So what inspired me to start blogging? Well just like everyone else on blogspot and the other communities out there, I just wanted a forum to express my thoughts. Writing in a journal gets boring after while. Plus you have to hide it from annoying relatives. That's another story. Well I hope to keep on posting here.