Thursday, August 1, 2013

I'm back everyone! I'm excited about this year and looking forward to more posts related to phones! My favorite phone out right now is the Samsung Galaxy S 4. Best phone out IMO. More to come!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Windows 7 Phones Jailbroken

While the first attempt at jailbreaking the windows 7 phones failed, Developer Julien Schapman is releasing a version to jailbreak the windows phones. Not a big fan of Windows phones as I think they'll become irrelevant with the popular emergence of Android Phones but I'm always a fan of hacking or "jailbreaking" phones to give you full access.
My first hacking experience was with the first XBox. Ever since then I've been hacking every device I can get my hands on. This includes my PSP, Xbox360, Iphone, and my HTC EVO is rooted.
One last point I want to make about Android phones VS Windows phone is that with my android phone, I'm able to do just about everything possible, leaving everything else on the shelf. Sure there will never be a replacement for sitting at your respective "battlestations" and doing whatever pleases you ie;world of warcraft, pron, or just plain old surfing, but it is pretty sweet to pull up an android phone and do some web surfing here and there. That's why I say windows phones will become irrelevant because there's nothing that differentiates them from android or apple. Apple will always have their hardcore followers until they see the light like I did. Windows phones are getting jailbroken again but does that make them relevant? We'll see.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Androids Sliming Down This Year

Anyone who has the HTC Evo like I do, will undoubtedly notice the bigger sized LCD screen of the EVO. Coming it a whopping 4.3 inches compared to the Iphone4's 3.5 Inches, the old saying "bigger is better" is holding true. While people were skeptical at first of purchasing a phone with such a big screen, the size of the screen has actually helped the phone. News out of CES 2011 of new slimmer Android phones with larger LCD screens. This is truly the result of the popularity of the HTC EVO.
Now I must admit, this phone tends to feel on the bulky side when carrying it or "lugging it" around in my pocket. A friend and I were unfortunately stuck at work on Sunday during the Patriots Jets Game. We were fortunate enough to be able to watch the game streaming video through the EVO. The game looked sharp and we were able to watch the game with no problems. Of course it would be nice to be watching it at a bar cheering against the jest, but hey someone's gotta make money.
Now with these slimmer phones coming out, I hope when an upgrade comes available from Sprint, I'll be able to purchase one of these slimmer Android phones to lighten my load when carrying my EVO.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Iphone 5 Stealing Verizon's Thunder

Just a news comes out at this years CES convention of Iphone 4 coming to Verizon, there are rumors circulation around the web of Iphone 5 coming out. Really? While for now these are just "rumors", savvy consumers might just want to wait around until Iphone 5 comes out later on this year. Most likely though because of the high anticipation of the Iphone on Verizon, I don't see consumers waiting.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Verizon has the Iphone finally!

Ok so now Verizon has the Iphone. I was stuck with ATT's crappy service for two years and right when I switch to Sprint, they decide to bring the Iphone to Verizon. Could care less now. I feel like this should have been done when Iphone 4 came out. Now Verizon customers will get screwed because the next Iphone model will go to ATT first. Android will anticipate a hit in sales now that Verizon has Iphones, but not so much with ATT. My question is, now that Verizon has the Iphone, will current ATT customers switch over to Verizon? I gave up on them because of their crappy network, I'm guessing others will as well. Will wait and see.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Iphone Killer

I Know in my last post I bragged about the Iphone, but guess what? I just bought a legitimate Iphone killer. The HTC Evo. This phone kills. I've always been one to praise Apple and was big on their bandwagon. But after making the switch over to Android, I gotta say Android is the Truth!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Iphone Killers

Ok so this female friend of mine hates the Iphone. She swears only males buy the iphone and if you have one you are a trend follower. Well I beg to differ on the gender issue. I see plenty of women with Iphones. I watched 30 rock and saw that Tina Fey's character had an Iphone. Even her assistant has one. While they are television characters, I've come across scores of women at my job with Iphones. As far as the trend follower statement, well it is the best phone out there. Why wouldn't you want to have the best?

She's also been obsessed with the new phone coming out from Palm, The Pre or something. While many phones have come out claiming to be Iphone killers ie the google phone, the Iphone still stands stronger than ever. Especially with the new 3.0 upgrade, no phone stands a chance. I haven't seen many reviews out there yet on this phone. I might skip over to cnet to see what they're say about the phone.

To my friend, who I hope sees this post. There are no Iphone Killers. Only imposters trying to keep up with the leader.